Surface finish of investment coins and ingots

Unless stated otherwise on individual items, we offer only an investment category of coins and ingots.The investment category is primarily suited to investment purposes.

The main emphasis is placed on the maximum purity of the metal ( 99,9% ) and the observed exactness of the declared weight.These parameters are very strictly controlled and guaranteed.

The quality of the performed embossing in the case of a casting is not a priority in this category.

Our priority is to offer maximum purity silver for a good price, not to unnecessarily raise the initial premium for an attractive appearance.

Collector´s coins are designed for that purpose, mainly in the category proof. With collectors coins however, you usually pay for the same weight, a considerably higher price and some of them may even have a lower percentage of silver.

The inadequacies of embossing and surface finish of investment coins and smaller ingots are normal. Ingots 100 oz and bigger, are poured and marked using an industrial process.

It is necessary to be aware of these facts, it is not therefore a case of warranty fault, which would in any way affect the value of the goods.