Silver bar 1000 oz - COMEX deliverable

These silver bricks meet all the requirements for use in futures contracts settlements on world commodity exchanges (COMEX, LBMA), therefore regarded as "Comex good delivery bars".

Silver bar 1000 oz - COMEX deliverable
Silver bar 1000 oz - COMEX deliverableSilver bar 1000 oz - COMEX deliverable
Price per piece
EUR 38 268,85
EUR 31 627,15 excl. VAT
On demand

90 mm

120 mm

330 mm

1000 troy oz (31 103 g) Ag

99,9% Ag


Silver bars weighing 1000 ounces are made by Johnson Matthey. The tradition of Johnson Matthey dates back to the year 1817, the company is the oldest refinery of precious metals in the world. Silver bars from Johnson Matthey receive the highest confidence from investors. On the market therefore, these types of silver bars, as opposed to other companies´ products, trade with a high premium.

The one thousand ounce silver brick which we now offer on the Czech market, is appropriate mainly for a larger investment into silver. Another advantage, apart from a reputable producer, is the unrivalled price when converted to the ounce. Silver bars Johnson Matthey also fulfil all demands for use when dealing in contracts on world stock markets (COMEX,LBMA), they are therefore "Comex good delivery bars". Thanks to SILVERUM s.r.o. anyone interested from the Czech Republic can invest in them.

Size: 33 cm x 12 cm x 9 cm
Weight: approx. 1000 Troy ounces (approx. 31,1 kg) ? you always pay for the exact weight of the actual brick.

These goods must be ordered. Minimum purchase of one piece.

The price quoted here is approximate (it changes every day according to the price on the stock-exchange). After receiving a deposit and transfer of finances for fixation the customer will be offered a binding market price. After the price agreement the order will be put into effect. In case the customer does not wish to accept the market price, the transaction will be cancelled. The deposit will, after the deduction of charges for international exchange, and conversion, returned to the customer.

If you are interested in these products, please contact us by phone first (before sending the deposit).

Price per piece
EUR 38 268,85
EUR 31 627,15 excl. VAT
On demand
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