Silver ingots A-Mark 10 oz + BONUS

Silver ingots A-Mark 10 oz + BONUS
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1-9 EUR 160,82 / EUR 194,59
10-49 EUR 159,69 / EUR 193,23
50+ EUR 158,40 / EUR 191,67
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Silver ingots weighing 10 ounces are made by A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. On the face is the manufacturer?s logo with the words '999+ PURE SILVER' and '10 OUNCES TROY'. The same marking can be found on the back. The advantage of 10oz ingots (as opposed to ingots with a higher weight) is the possibility of diversification, which is why these ingots are very popular among investors. Ten ounce ingots are extremely practical for trading.

Dimensions: 89 mm x 56 mm x 7 mm
Weight of precious metal: 10 troy ounces (approx. 311 g)

With an order greater than 20 troy ounces, we guarantee the price on condition that the movement of the silver exchange rate on the stock exchange, on the day your payment is received in our account does no exceed a 3% difference from the date of ordering.