6x o investování a tradingu

Book on financial markets, ATS, commodities, spreads, options, stocks and precious metals.

6x o investování a tradingu
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A unique publication (in Czech) featuring market insights from six authors, a description of their trading strategies, and other useful information.

The book is divided into the following sections:

Basic concepts of financial markets
It was clear to us that this book would not only be in the hands of experienced traders, but also newcomers. That is why we have not missed a chapter where David Puchýř explains the basics of trading.

Automatic trading systems
The second part, where you will find specific business approaches, was written by Zdeněk Zaňka. In this section he analyzes in detail how automatic strategies are built, what to look for, etc.

Commodities and commodity spreads
Elena Lindišová is an experienced commodity spread trader. In her part you will find a detailed description of her trading approach and strategies.

Jan Kaška is a member of advisory board of the Charles Bridge Fund, where option strategies are mainly used. In his part he introduces option basic yet very efficient and powerful strategies in a very understandable way, and also adds two specific trading strategies.

Stocks and investing
Investing in stocks, or buying shares of various companies, is perhaps the oldest way of trading. Jakub Bezděkovský has devoted himself to this area for many years and will introduce you to this world. Why invest? Into what? You will find answers to these questions in this part of the book.

Precious metals
Gold and silver have always been regarded as investment metals as well as a very decent protection against inflation risk in the long run. Jan Rohrbacher, CEO of Silverum®, is an author of the last section of the book, where he analyzes in detail both historical and fundamental views on precious metals.

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