About company

The main activity of Silverum holding is wholesale and retail sale of physical silver, gold and other investment metals.

The parent company SILVERUM s.r.o. has its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. The company operates an e-shop at www.silverum.cz, intended primarily for retail customers. The company provides additional services for medium and large investors, focusing on advisory services on hedging issues, exchange and OTC investment instruments. Our people are respected experts in commodities and derivatives. They are regularly invited to economic TV shows, they publish in professional electronic and printed media.

Another project of the group is the electronic Precious Metal Exchange, which can be found at http://BurzaDrahychKovu.cz. It is a unique portal for mutual trading of physical investment metals directly among investors. Silverum provides a technical platform and guarantees the settlement of trades.

The philosophy of the entire Silverum Group is open access to customers. Silverum offers only highly liquid and proven assortment of origin and purity with prices firmly tied to commodity spot prices. 

Silverum is creating a silver market in Europe, following the proven US market that has a long tradition in the US. Our people help both novice and experienced investors to learn and gain important information on the precious metals investments.

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