About company

The main activity of auringo s.r.o. is wholesale and retail trade with precious metals.

The company has its administrative headquarters in Prague. The company operates an e-shop under the SILVERUM brand, designed primarily for end customers. For medium and large investors it provides other extended related services. It provides specialized consulting focused on hedging, exchange-traded, and over-the-counter complementary investment instruments.

Our philosophy is an open approach to customers. We offer only highly liquid and proven products in terms of origin and purity. Prices are firmly linked to exchange quotations, and buybacks are a matter of course. We are creating a precious metals market in Europe, following the example of the already proven US market, which has a long tradition in the USA. We help beginners and experienced investors with education and important information. Success and profit achieved by our clients is our best business card!

We also work with other entities in the precious metals industry. For example, the electronic marketplace project at BurzaDrahychKovu.cz is very interesting. This portal allows trading directly between retail owners of investment metals. The operator then guarantees clearing and offers some very interesting services, such as purity verification.

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