IRA Acceptable

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is basically a type of retirement account that provides specific tax benefits for retirement savings in the United States.

A traditional IRA is a special type of account that allows investors to deposit funds that are tax deductible (depending on income). The money may also be invested in equities, precious metals, bonds, mutual funds, etc., while all proceeds from these investments are not taxable until the account holder reaches the age of 59.5 years (in the case of earlier withdrawals from the account, the owner is fined 10%). At this time, the account holder can start drawing funds from the account, while the amounts drawn are taxable. Money must be withdrawn from your account no later than 1 April following the year that the account holder reaches 70.5 years.


The 1997 Tax Law (Taxpayer Relief Act, PL 105-34-August 5, 1997) specifies in Articles 304 (a) and (b) the rules for the inclusion of precious metals acceptable as investments in the IRA. This topic further specifies the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the IRS Code in Article 408 for IRA accounts in general. Article 408 (IRC) (3) (A) (i) directly defines precious metals acceptable to the IRA.

From the point of view of gold and silver investment coins and ingots, the requirement is especially on the maximum purity of .999 (acceptable as a form of settlement of futures contracts on commodity exchanges). In our e-shop you will find mainly those that meet IRA conditions. But outside the IRA, there may be some coins of local mints.

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