Surface finish

Unless otherwise specified for each item, we only offer the BU (STANDARD) class of coins and ingots. The main emphasis is put on maximum metal fineness (99.9% or 99.99%) and accuracy of declared weight.

These parameters are very strictly controlled and guaranteed. 

Our intention is to offer silver and gold at its best for a good price, not to unnecessarily increase the initial premium for a nice look. For this purpose, coins in the PROOF class are intended. However, for Proof coins, you usually pay a significantly higher price for the same metal weight, and some of them even have a lower purity.

Deficiencies in embossing and surface at BU coins and smaller ingots are common. 100 oz and larger are then cast and labeled in an industrial way. It is necessary to count on these facts, therefore it is not a claimable defect that would affect the value of the goods.

For silver coins, ingots and bricks, the surface may sulphite spontaneously. This is caused by sulfur compounds present in the air. It is manifested by a loss of shine of the metal and uneven color changes, most often a brown-black tinge. It is a physico-chemical property of silver. Sulfitation can also be repeatedly removed by applying a regenerating cleaner based on thiourea, which is also available in the e-shop.

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