How to buy

1. Items in stock

For ordinary purchase we have an automatic e-shop system. Small amounts can be ordered for payment on delivery, larger amounts must be paid for beforehand directly to the company account. Prepayment has the advantage of cheaper postage.

2. Items to order with fixation

Larger investors or businessmen may use this interesting way of purchase. In this way, it is possible to purchase items which are not in stock or larger amounts, for privileged prices. The only condition is a minimal order, usually 500oz or more. The order of ordering, payment and delivery differ from the previous system. The order is not made via e shop, but individually via e-mail or telephone. After contact, the customer receives specific information based on his order.

Generally the procedure is as follows. After consultation and sending a written order the customer will be asked to pay a deposit. That is 50% to 90% of the expected price. When auringo s.r.o. receives the money in the account, we will carry out a conversion to USD immediately and transfer the means into the depositary of precious metals in the USA. This procedure takes approximately 5 working days.

As soon as the means are in the depositary, fixation of the price can take place. The customer will be offered an exact price. This could change due to the world movement of metal, from the expected price. The customer will be asked to accept the price. At the moment of agreement the purchase will take place and the goods will be sent to the Czech Republic. The customer will pay the remainder of the price. Delivery to customer, including customs formalities, usually takes 15-30 days from fixation.

If the customer does not accept the recommended price, he can ask for his deposit to be returned. The original amount however, will be reduced by the expense of conversion and charges for financial transfer.

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