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If you already have a customer account, you are automatically a member of the Silverum Club.

Your membership level and the associated discounts depend on the sum of your completed orders.
An overview of your membership and discounts can be found in your customer account.

Level 1

If you buy from us in total for at least 50.000 CZK you get a discount of up to 0,20 % on your future orders.

Level 2

If you buy from us in total for at least 250.000 CZK you get a discount of up to 0,50 % on your future orders.

Level 3

If you buy from us in total for at least 1 milion CZK you get a discount of up to 2 % on your future orders.

You need to shop for 96,360 CZK to get to the 3rd membership level.
Level 2 prices (aktivní)
0,5% discount
Level 3 prices
2,0% discount
More about Silverum Club

Silverum Club membership is completely free and without any obligations. In return for your loyalty, you simply get better purchase prices on your favourite investment pieces.


The difference is in the level of discounts on gold, silver and other products for each membership level. The following table provides a better overview:

Membership Level Gold Silver Other
1. 0,10 % 0,20 % 0,20 %
2. 0,25 % 0,50 % 0,50 %
3. 1,00 % 2,00 % 2,00 %

The prices of individual products within the e-shop already fully reflect your membership level, i.e. they are displayed including the member discount. The discount does not need to be requested anywhere, it is loaded automatically if you are logged in to your customer account.

No, once you reach a certain membership level, it cannot be downgraded. The membership level you have reached is permanent and therefore it is not necessary to make e.g. a minimum order volume per month, year, etc. to maintain it.

Yes, if you register an account with the same email as previous purchases without registration, then all purchases will be automatically assigned to your customer account.

For your security, changing your login email is only possible with our consent and subsequent verification. However, after a successful change you will of course keep your membership.

In this case - after prior checking and verification - we will transfer your existing purchases from multiple email addresses under one (we will consolidate them under one customer account) and your membership level will then be based on the total amount of all purchases made.

The change will take effect immediately after the successful completion of your order, i.e. its payment and successful shipment to your address. In the case of a cash on delivery order, this is the moment when we receive payment for the order from the Czech Post. Within your customer account, all such orders are marked as "Completed" or "SA-completed" in the case of Silver Account purchases. It is these order statuses that determine your total purchases and associated membership level.

Yes, with price-fixing orders, both the quantity discount (if available for the product and quantity ordered) and your membership level will be taken into account to determine the final purchase price.

No, there is no charge for membership, nor is there any obligation on your part.

Yes, Silver Account purchases count towards your total purchases and therefore towards your membership level. However, the logistics of the e-shop and Silver Accounts are separate and orders cannot be sent together.

No, this is not possible. Please make sure you are logged in to your customer account before placing your order. This is the only way to ensure that the discount is loaded correctly in accordance with your membership level.

It's not. In rare cases, Silverum reserves the right to cancel membership in the event of a breach of terms by the client. This includes, for example, non-payment of ordered goods, unjustified non-acceptance of shipment, etc.

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