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Investor Guide
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Why invest in precious metals?

What forms of investment to choose?

What to watch out for?

Guide Chapters

Why silver?

What is Money - What is Money Covered - State Indebtedness - Hyperinflation - Loss of 98% of Value - Gold Standard - 6,000 Years Without Claims

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Benefits of silver

Gold or Silver - Gold Enemy: Gold itself - Silver Wasting - Silver Deficit - Industry - No Ways to Go - Photovoltaics and Textiles - Where Silver Is Mined - Silver Replacement - How much does the mine cost?

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What is a Gold / Silver ratio? - - COMEX - Stock Exchange and Reality - Money is Silver - Asia and the Middle East - Imbalances - Silver: Metal of the Future

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How not to get caucght?

Risks exist - "Advantageous Bid Syndrome" - Price is not everything - Five precautionary principles - How Counterfeit Silver - How to Counterfeit Gold - How to counterfeit diamonds

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How much money to save in precious metals?

How's the economy doing? Percentage - Absolute Numbers - How much do you need to restart?

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Troy ounces or grams?

The Ounce rules - Liquidity is essential - Do you know the Tael and the Gallon? - Europe is small - Industrial is not Investment - Stock Exchange is standard

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Coins or ingots?

Coins and Bullies - Smaller Investments: Coins - Liquidity and Premium - Medium Investment: Adding ingots and bars - Bigger Investment

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One-time purhcase or Step-by-step?

Do you have a crystal ball? Long-term view - One-time purchase - Step-by-step investment - Market timing - Price levels

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Investing or speculating?

Bankruptcy Insurance - Dollar, Euro and Crown in Trouble - Coins and Bars: Forever - ETF - Commodity Shares - Winning Combination

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rates - Coins - Buyout - Coin Prices - VAT - Shipping & Returns - Slovakia - Price Moves - Analysts' Views - Silver as a Payment - Diamonds - Coins or Bullies - Counterfeits - Ounces - Certificates

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