Kapitola 5 How much to invest into precious metals?

How much of the savings should be turned into silver and gold? Of course, there is no universal answer. Yet, we have orientation guidelines that will tell us a lot about allocating money to silver and gold. If the investor feels that the world economy does not have any major problems or that inflation is not going to grow, then it is sufficient to hold investment metals in the volume of about 20% of free assets. If we are more skeptical about the future of world currencies and the global economy, then it is worth considering an increase in precious metals up to 33%.

If we look at the situation in terms of absolute numbers, then the minimum investment portfolio should be about CZK 300,000. The maximum amount of resources to secure an individual, which should be stored in precious metals, is about 5 million CZK. Why these numbers?

The first amount, CZK 300,000 , is enough in case of major economic difficulties to survive, say for half a year to one year. The second sum, or CZK 5 million, is likely to suffice even in the case of a real collapse (state, economy, etc.) to successfully restart the existence of an investor and his family. These figures are, of course, just a guideline, as mentioned above. Every investor has to consider the amount of money he or she would need in case of trouble, and how much he would need to restart his own existence (for example, for a new start-up, for moving to work, etc.).

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