Kapitola 9 Investment or speculation?

First of all, it is good to clarify the purpose of physical precious metals and instruments for speculation.

Silver coins and ingots, investment gold - serve as a safeguard against currency collapses. We remember the Czech crown in recent years, the problems of the dollar in 2008 or the shaky position of the euro in 2010 to 2012. Gold and silver will not disappoint that no one can ever print them. Therefore, we buy physical gold and silver as a safeguard against the fall of the currency. So we do not speculate with coins and ingots - we bought them and we keep them. Ideally forever.

In the case of stock exchange, there are suitable instruments for speculation, both on the growth of the price of precious metals and on the further decline of these prices. If we want to speculate on the movements of gold, we choose, for example, ETF for gold called GLD. In silver it is a similar product of ETF called SLV.

Investors who want to speculate on the growth of the price of precious metals often choose so-called commodity shares. These are shares of mining companies. The logic is clear: if the commodity (gold, oil, copper) goes up, the price of the mining companies will grow. But be careful, it may not always be. For commodity shares, it is necessary to remember some fundamentals that are hidden from the general public.

Experienced investors can benefit from both areas: Investment coins and ingots are a safeguard that no world government can depreciate. Trading can earn pleasant money, for example, to buy physical coins and ingots. Long-term investors look for undervalued stocks that have a solid growth perspective.

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