auringo s.r.o. offers a simple and hassle-free buy-back of investment metals from its customers. We buy back all silver and gold purchased from Silverum. This superior service makes the company's offer significantly more attractive.

Redemption prices are constantly changing according to the situation on the world and domestic physical gold and silver markets.

Repurchase price for SILVER

  • American Silver Eagle coins (up to 100 oz total): Bid spot
  • other coins, ingots (up to 100 oz total): Bid spot - 7%
  • bricks, coins and ingots in quantities 100 - 499 oz: Bid spot - 10%
  • bricks, coins and ingots in quantities over 500 oz: by agreement

Redemption price for GOLD

  • Coins and ingots (up to 1 oz in total): Spot price (bid) - 2%
  • Coins and ingots (over 1 oz incl. in total): Spot price (bid) - 5%


The current spot price (Ask) of gold and silver can be found in the e-shop header.

The rate corresponds to the cumulative amount of redemptions of the client in the last month (30 days).


Example for silver American Eagle 1oz (spot and USD exchange rate are illustrative)

weight: 1 troy ounce
Bid spot silver: $ 25
EUR / USD exchange rate: 1,1
purchase price calculation: 25 / 1,1 = EUR 22,73

Example for gold 1/4oz (spot and USD exchange rate are illustrative)
weight: 1/4 troy ounce
Bid spot gold: $ 2,000
EUR / USD exchange rate: 1,1
Purchase price calculation: 1/4 x 2,000 / 1,1 x 0,98 = EUR 445,45

Repurchase Conditions

The above buying-in prices apply during normal market conditions. In the event of a significant divergence between the spot price and the physical metal price, we price buyouts individually according to the current situation.

We only buy back our own undamaged goods at the quoted price. Investment metal not meeting the above two conditions will be priced individually and its repurchase is not guaranteed. We do not buy non-investment metals.

How to?

Send coins or ingots as a valuable shipment to our buyout address:
INSURANCE TRADE s.r.o., P.O.BOX 7, 320 00 Plzen, Czech Republic

Cash on delivery cannot be used. You need to attach a copy of the proof of purchase and, if this is not obvious from the invoice, your personal details, telephone number, date of birth and bank details for payment. This information is required for the successfull completion of the purchase contract. Once you have dispatched the parcel, please inform us (also please describe the contents of the parcel) by email to or contact the operator on the hotline +420 605 012 333.

We will contact you upon receipt of the shipment. Once the transaction has been approved, a purchase contract will be sent to you electronically. The purchase price on the day of receipt (not the dispatch day) of the shipment is decisive . We will send the amount corresponding to the price to your account within 15 working days after the contract is signed. In the case of a larger purchase volume, the price and payment term will be agreed with you in advance. Large volumes are handled in cooperation with our foreign contractual partners.

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